Ecommerce Sales Executive .

CÔNG TY TNHH OCEAN ESSENCE Thoả thuận Tân Phong, Quận 7, Hồ Chí Minh Thời hạn: 2024-06-08
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Ecommerce Channles management (Shoppee, Tiktok, Lazada, Facebook, Instagram,...):
Develop and implement effective E-commerce platforms to explore new customer base and business opportunities leading to end goal of sales growth;
Collaborate with marketing team to do market research, capture market trends, product pricing, product listing, promotion schemes, campaigns and ecom content & images to attract leads.
Monitor customer feedback, reviews and ratings to identify areas of improvement and increase/mantain customers' satisfaction and retention.
Take care "end-to-end" Customer shopping journey, from build awareness, lead generation to conversion; take care orders & post purchase, such as loyalty/member programs, complaints or exchange & return management,...
Wholesales development & Orders Management: Find & approach wholesale customers to deliver sales (online approach prioritized),
Analyze data and generate monthly reports to track E commerce performance for improvement Inventory management (online channels).
Proceed & reserve contracts,
Events/Activations/ Fairs: Coordinate with agencies & Collagen Marketing team in preparation & execution.
Other tasks: Follow up contracts, Purchasing Request (PR), Good Receipt (GR), payment status check...
Support other tasks from Line Manager.
Support teambuilding activity,
Field work (online, offline) to get market & competitors update,
Get potential partners, suppliers, cutomers' contacts,

Have other benefits as Labour Law and Company's policy.
Attractive bonus or commisions will be counted monthly and yearly depdends on performance (the detailed schemes will reveal during interview section)
There is a benefit policy to go on vacation for employees according to annual business results.

Computer Microsoft Office Skills: Proficient in Word, Excel, Power Point is a must - Good at Canva and Capcut is an advantage.
Communication Skill: Give concise, efficient & clear message to partners - Show respect and non-judgment when communicating.
Time management: Manage time effectively so that the right time is allocated to the right activity - Set goals, objectives and make plan before acting - Know how to set priority in work.
Education & Experience: University / College degree (prefer Business and Marketing Major) - Have 1-year experience in ecommerce sales role, especially in beauty or functional foods industry is a "plus point".
Accountability: Show strong sense of Ownership to drive business as planned until getting result. - Self-motivation and be accountable for your own action.
English Skill: Good at writing & speaking English, Good at English sources searching for data & infomation is an advantage.
Proactive: Tend to initiate change rather than reacting to the events - Proactive update customers' feedback to line managers and relevant departments.
Team-work: Good collaboration with teammates & other colleagues - Show appreciation for open feedback - High commitment and alignment in working with team.

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