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Hạn nộp hồ sơ 07-01-2022
Mô tả công việc
企業情報:ベトナム南部商業都市ホーチミンから⾞で90 分のPhu My 3 ⼯業団地に位置している日本会社です。
想定⽉収: 2,000USD〜2,500USD(Gross)、あるいは会社補助なしで3,000USD。
赴任形態 原則として単⾝での赴任となります。
定年 65 歳。ただし双⽅合意の下で再雇⽤は可能です。
福利厚⽣:住居会社契約のアパートになります。(1 … More
ベッドルームで約50 ㎡)
居所はVung Tau 市になります。(⼯場から45 分、ホーチミンから2 時間30 分)
光熱費、⽇本TV 視聴代、Wifi 通信費は会社が負担します。
往復航空券を年1 回⽀給します。
応募条件: 年齢30 歳〜50 歳
業務内容:… More
Purchasing Manager or assistant manager
Corporate Information: this is a Japanese company located in the phu my engineering housing complex, which is a car from ho Chi Minh, Southern Commercial City, Vietnam.
Vietnam local law for people.
There is no system for Japan, but there is an achievement in the past.
Estimated Monthly Harvest :. USD ~. USD (Gross), or. USD without company assistance.
The actual control currency is Vietnam Don. Overtime hands will be paid separately according to the Vietnam labor law.
If you have special manufacturing skills and experience, we will consider it separately.
Bonus: according to company achievements and business evaluation.
Insurance: we will save overseas injury insurance on the company side.
I''m going to be a single assignment as a principle of assignment.
Retirement years old. However, it is possible to re-hire under the twin agreement.
I''m going to be an apartment for the welfare company contract. (approx. Square meters in the bedroom)
The residence will be vung tau city. (from the factory to the engineering field, from ho Chi Minh to the time of the time)
Company Hand-delivered house keeper cleaning, laundry, bed, etc.
The company will burden the utility expenses, Japan TV viewing, and wifi communication expenses.
Transfer: I''m going to go to the company, and I''m going to go to the company.
Food: lunch is a employee food hall, and dinner will be held from a local restaurant in the neighborhood (menu can be chosen)
Returning to Japan: for those who have been in the middle of a month, and for those who have been in the middle of a month, I have been in the middle of a long time since I
I''m going to support a round-trip flight ticket for a year.
Application Conditions: age years old ~ years old
Education: no
Language: I don''t ask for the level of communication in English. If you can do Vietnamese, you can do it.
Business Content: we are going to have a variety of management business on purchasing for timely material supply combined with the raw progress of bedding products of dining products, mattresses, etc.
[specific business]
Order and stock management of materials combined with raw plans
Procurement business of ingredients from around the world
Quality Management of served materials and supplier guidance
New supplier reclamation, price negotiations
Material Warehouse Management in the engineering, paying materials to the raw line
Management of subordinate with Vietnamese staff
※ right after the company, we will remember the site at night shift.
※ it may be another assignment considering the proper, experience, and the situation of the company.
Application Conditions [Required (both)]
If you have experience of purchasing business in the factory
How to communicate in English (no need for business level)
[if you can do it]
Those who have overseas work experience
Expect to have stock management, quality management
Human image
[we emphasize the same as the application conditions]
If you can see the problem, analyze it in the current, and make an improvement proposal
If you can judge with speed, based on report, contact, consultation
[how to apply]
Candidates please send your resume to the email below.
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