Recruit Business Planning Executive tại - Công Ty Trách Nhiệm Hữu Hạn Kao Việt Nam

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Hạn nộp hồ sơ 30-11-2021
Mô tả công việc
1) Category Sales Strategy:
- Create & execute category sales strategy in line with corporate strategy & Brand strategy from channel, area, shopper and retailer view point. "
2) Category Management:
- Create sales forecast based on information from sales team and responsible for it to D&S
- Practice category management
- Create effective BTL with brand team (MK campaign, Trade promotion)
- Create effective MK master plan with brand team
- Propose Discontinue plan and monitor it to take quick action if needed
- Create sales support tools by category for their activities with brand team (AKABAN & 9 koma , critical path, 1 Koma, Display guideline, product catalog)
- Management of POSM (Propose type of POSM, produce it and manage its quantity)
- Make a report of category sales situation (Sales, distribution, sell-in, sell-out, competitors activity)
3) Shopper/Area understanding:
- Summarize the difference of shopper and channel by category
- Create ""format for checking Genba"" to be shared for common knowledge for sales/MKT members
- Analysis brand situation by channel and area by category
- Make a report for finding out of shopper / channel by category"
4) CE, Training, sales briefing for deep understanding of product:
- Propose scheme of training for PG & BA and support their activity
- Hold product knowledge sharing meeting such as sales briefing for sales team''s better understanding (NPD/Improved) "
5) Business operation management:(Data Analysis)-Create format of any analysis for sales team
- Contact Market data agency (Kanter, Nielsen...) as window person
- Ensure accuracy and timeline of data processing sales EST
- Date processing for BGT by category, channel, month after getting overall figures from Brand team
- Ensure accuracy and timeline of sales & distribution reports(Daily, Monthly)
- Ensure the availability of all Data source"
6) Business operation management:(MK expense management)
- Ensure MKT expense is used and allocated right time and G/L account
- Ensure MKT expense is aligned with BGT or TGT
- Manage to use ATL, Sale Promotion Expense and research fee within the BGT or TGT by reporting monthly"
7) Business operation management:(Admin-paper work)
- Register MOIT, ensure to register on time, monitor flow of MOIT registration
- Do any paper work for making MKT operation smoothly
- Do any report of Accrue and settlement for all expense belong to brand team
- Update and ensure Cash flow on time"
8) Business operation management:(Admin-Support work for sales team)
- Develop Sales tools for sales team (uniform, product catalog and others)
- Coordinate to conduct training events for sales team (KVSS, Shijoken, Sales Briefing)
- Do any support for some event between MKT and sales"
9) TCR contribution:
- Initiate and promote plan to contribute to company profit through TCR idea"
"10) Coaching:
- Coach other Brand members (Subordinates)"
"11) Paper work:
- Do paper work related to many things"
"12) Other:
- Do assignment from direct superior "
Quyền lợi được hưởng
- Having chances to get attractive company bonus every month/year
- Salary and position is reviewed 1 time a year
- Saraly : 10m -12m 
- Bonus by individual ability and company’s performance.
- Social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance and other benefits
- Company trip once a year + Joining party
- Dynamic and sociable working environment.
Yêu cầu kỹ năng
- Specific knowledge:   Skilled in brand management and trade marketing      
- Education: At least Bachelor’s Degree, a certain level of English skill       
- Job-related experience:   At least 1 years engaged in TMK, brand management and Brand strategy      
- Business understanding:   Good knowledge of Kao Strategic direction and know well about shopper and sales channel feature      
- Other requirements: