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Recruit Chief Accountant tại - Công Ty TNHH Koto

Mức lương 30 - 40 triệu
Chức vụ Giám đốc
Hình thức Toàn thời gian
Hạn nộp hồ sơ 08-07-2022
Mô tả công việc
- Lead the preparation of budgeting as well as consolidation and review of budgeting and financial forecasting.
- Respond to finance inquiries from management in a timely fashion.
- Lead the preparation of the funding plan by identifying estimate funding needs (equity, debt, and grants).
- Provide leadership in developing the strategic, financial and budget plan and participate to their regular review.
- Work well with Foundation Manager, Enterprise Manager to develop the strategic plan.
- Set up development projects including KOTO restructuring, short-term and long term business development
- Coordinate with Finance and Accounting team to complete assigned finance tasks within deadlines.
- Review company’s finance performance and propose the improvement to management.
- Manage payable accounting for timely and efficient payment to venders in line with contracts and company procedure to utilize the cash flow
- Managing and overseeing the daily operations of the Accounting & Finance department.
- Follow – up development projects including setting up action plan, implementation and assessment/evaluation, Financial Management, Accounting, Reporting and Systems
- Maintain the financial health of the organization
- Present the financial forecasting report to Chairman and other departmental heads.
- Conduct reviews and evaluations for cost-reduction opportunities.
- Ensure to compliance with Vietnam finance and accounting standard and company procedures as well as accuracy of all information, avoids legal challenges by complying with legal requirements.
- Liaise with auditors to ensure appropriate monitoring of company finances is maintained.
- Perform financial analysis and reporting to management as needed. Provide financial data, analysis to help business teams understand performance and aid in improving performance to achieve Budget. Enforcing proper accounting and finance methods, policies and principles.
- Provide support in hiring, training, and supervising all finance & account staff of the organization in coordination with finance department.
- Maintain the Fixed Asset register.
- Monitoring internal controls
Funding and Liquidity Management:
- Secure the required funding (debt, equity, grants) to ensure the availability of adequate resources for the implementation of the development plan of the organization in coordination with the HODs.
- Advise on investment activities and provide strategies that the company should take
- Prepare the reports of funding/projects (i.e. consolidation) to Chairman/BOD.
- Plan and arrange the funding with banks and related companies/sponsors.
- Ensure cost effective and efficient liquidity management.
- Develop adequate systems and tools to ensure that enable sound liquidity management.
- Communicate with all department head for related compliance and work improvement.
- Liaise with other parties (e.g. Audit Committee, External Auditor, Government Office, Tax Office etc.). Strong network and relationship with related offices such as Tax Office, Audit Inspector etc.
- Use available and new resources/ technologies to improve quality, quantity and usefulness of business reports.
Quyền lợi được hưởng
- Working time from Monday to Friday
- Annual salary increase
- Lunch
- 18 annual leave days per year
- Friendly and professional enviroment
- KPI and Performance Bonus
- Other benefits follow Labor Law
Yêu cầu kỹ năng
- Experience in the financial sector with previous possible roles such as financial analyst
- Minimum 5 years’ experience in Accounting/Financial Management 
- Good English Skills
- Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and CPA certificate
- Planning, organizing and prioritizing

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